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Ηistoric Βasketry, Western Science Seeks Cultural Knowledge, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Το παρακάτω άρθρο αναφέρεται στην συντήρηση παραδοσιακών αντικειμένων κατασκευασμένων με την τεχνική καλαθοπλεκτικής (Salish,Tlingit/Haida, Washoe, Kumeyaay, Makah Basket και Cahuilla Sandals)


Περιεχόμενα PDF:

Salish Basket, Dawn Lohnas

  Salish Basket: Materials and Techniques

    Decorative Elements: Imbrication

    Common Materials

  Basketry Repairs in Conservation

    Frankenstein Mends

    Adhesives Commonly Used For Basketry Repairs

    Repairs on a Salish Basket

Tlingit/Haida Basket, Lily Doan

    Where was this basket made?

    How was this basket used?

Cahuilla Sandals, Tessa de Alarcon

    Cahuilla Sandals: Construction Method


  Plant Fibers Used in Sandal Production: Agave or Yucca?

    Differentiating Between Yucca and Agave: Cross-section Examination

    Differentiating Between Yucca and Agave: Single Fiber

Washoe Basket: Conservation Treatment, Nicole Ledoux

Kumeyaay Basket Start, Robin O’Hern

  Mold on a Kumeyaay Basketry Start

    The Structure of Mold

    Ultraviolet (UV) Photography and Mold

  Approach to Mold Removal on a Kumeyaay Basket

Makah Basket, Cindy Lee Scott

  Makah Basketry: A Cultural Perspective

    Materials and Techniques

  Structural Repair of a Makah Basket: Conservation Challenges

Γεια να δείτε και να κατασκευάσετε το pdf πατήστε εδώ: http://accarchives.org/Online%20Exhibit%20pdfs/UCLA%20Getty%20Online%20Exhibit.pdf 

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Young Research Center Library at UCLA

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